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Initial Intake: Fee: $350
This service consists of an 80 minute time frame to complete the following: intake forms, biosocial assessment, establish a treatment plan.

Individual Counseling Session (In person & Telehealth) Fee $200:
This service includes a 45 minute counseling session. This service includes individual sessions for children, adolescents, adults, and parenting sessions.

Family Therapy Session: Fee: $300
This service includes 1.5 clinical hours of counseling. 1.5 clinical hours is 1 hour and 20 minutes in duration. This is for when there is more than two family members present.

Video Counseling Session: Fee: $200 
This service includes a 45 minute session. This service includes individual sessions for adults, teens, children 5 years of age and older, and parenting sessions. Note: There are some issues that are not suitable for telehealth counseling. 

Free Phone Consultation: FREE
This service allows you to briefly explain your reason for seeking counseling services and ask any questions. During this time, I will assess whether my training and counseling experience is suitable for your counseling needs. This consultation time allows me to provide you with a referral if needed. During this consultation, we will discuss session fees, location, and schedule future appointments.

I do not accept insurance but do offer a sliding scale.

Sliding Scale Options: 

I have a growing waiting list for the sliding scale. I am happy to place you on a waiting list. Keep in mind that waiting times rang between about 8-16 weeks or longer. Please email me at [email protected] if you would like to be place on a waiting list. 

For those who are interested and qualify for the sliding scale fee I offer:
$100 to $200.00 ( a limited # of slots available)
Families and or individuals who qualify for these options will be given 8 sessions at this sliding scale rate. This includes intake sessions and parent consultations. Once 8 sessions are completed we can review whether you would like to continue services at the non-sliding scale rate or would like a referral at that time.  If there are not slots available for at the time you inquire for service you can choose to be placed on my waiting list. 

A great recourse is Open Path.

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