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What is LENS neurofeedback?

In 1990, Dr. Len Ochs developed the Low Energy Neurofeed System (LENS), a specific kind of Electroencephalogram (EEG) that works more rapidly than traditional neurofeedback. LENS gives the brain multiple different low-energy radio waves for a few seconds. The signals sent to your brain stimulate and alert it, resetting the brain to a normal state and regulating emotions, and regulating your body's nervous system.

LENS is also one of the only systems that can break down neural gridlock, a build-up in the brain caused by emotional trauma and stress. Decreasing neural gridlock and other harmful neuropathways from the brain can allow the brain to be more flexible and increase its functionality. LENS also helps create new neural pathways, decreasing the probability of repeated patterns like anxiety, depression, PTSD, (and much more) from occurring. LENS can be an alternative approach to trauma, emotional distress, stress, ADHD, and more.  

LENS can benefit those who struggle to stay still during long tests or exams. The sessions are very quick, only lasting around 3 to 5 minutes. LENS neurofeedback is more successful in its results and takes fewer sessions to achieve. The exams are painless, so patients don't feel any pain or discomfort during the exam.

Depending on the specific client’s needs, the speed of results varies. The objectives of the LENS treatments are to decrease or eliminate problems that the client has expressed as concerns at the beginning of the brain mapping. The results usually last a while, but neurodegenerative disorders, Parkinson’s, and MS disorders usually need more prolonged treatment to achieve the desired goal. Different types of clients have found success in LENS neurofeedback.

How Does it Work?

Sensors are applied to the client’s scalp to process brainwave activity and collect and observe the client’s brainwave frequencies in real-time. The results in the process are decreasing or eliminating the problems previously stated that people struggle with. The sessions are quick, only lasting around 3-5 minutes, and are painless because patients don’t feel anything during the process.

What Can It Help My Child or Me With? 

Depending on the specific client’s needs, the speed of results varies. The objective of the LENS treatment is to decrease or eliminate problems that the client had concerns within the beginning of the initial brain mapping. The results usually last a while, but neurodegenerative disorders, Parkinson’s, and MS disorders usually need more prolonged treatment to achieve the desired goal.

LENS can help you or your loved one with the following:


What Does a LENS treatment like?

Before the first meeting, clients must complete all appropriate paperwork. The initial treatment session will include a brief review of the current reasons for seeking treatment, a brain-mapping and brain-mapping review, and treatment of target areas discovered during brain mapping.

Clients will be greeted and then taken to a confidential space where the LENS technician will be providing LENS treatment. After the client is situated and ready to start the session, the LENS technician will place LENS sensors in specific locations for about 20-30 seconds in each section around the client's skull to target the areas of concern.

The sensors will start producing low-energy radio waves, which produce less energy than a phone, to be sent to the brain and break through any negative brain pathway patterns that harm the client’s state of life. The waves will start converting the adverse pathways to easier natural and more efficient pathway patterns.

Clients have expressed feeling light tingling sensations during the session. However, most clients don’t feel anything during the sessions. The treatments usually last around 4 to 5 minutes, and the client doesn’t have to worry about anything except being present. 

What is a LENS treatment that includes Therapy?

LENS can provide a lot of insight and answers regarding why specific experiences occur. However, combining both LENS and therapy can be very beneficial and see the best results when dealing with emotional symptoms. In LENS sessions, your brain is changing, and it needs specific lifestyle changes that optimize health to continue seeing results.

LENS makes the brain more flexible and creates positive pathways patterns, and including therapy will provide support and guidance in those first few steps of the changes of thoughts and emotions.

LENS treatment and therapy combine the two in a 45-minute time frame. The therapist will provide a brief LENS treatment for 4-5 minutes. The remaining time of the 45 minutes therapy session will include time spent with the therapist providing psychotherapy to treat predetermined mental health issues and assist with progress toward treatment goals. 

How Many Treatments Does it Take to start feeling better?

For Children & Teens:
Children’s and teens' brains are more adaptable and typically need as few as 6 to 8 treatments but on a case-by-case basis. 

For Adults:
Adults range from 10 to 20 treatments but may vary due to the complexity of issues and is on a case-by-case basis.

How Much Does LENS Neurofeedback Cost?

VVCFCS offers affordable rates for LENS treatments without therapy. If you are interested in receiving LENS Neurofeedback, please do not hesitate to book a free 15-minute consultation call to learn about the service and current rates. VVCFCS offers package deals, multifamily members treatment discounts, and referral discounts. 

New Client Fee (SPECIAL April Through May for 2023):

VVCFCS offers new clients a 25% discount for the first 6 treatments and brain map.  

  • 1st treatment includes the following: Brainmapping and 1st treatment (45 Minutes)
  • 2nd and 3rd treatment is 25 Minutes treatment per LENS Treatment
  • 4th Session New Brain Map & treatment
  • 5th session regular 25-minute treatment 
  • 6th session is a 25-minute treatment, and the 7th session would be at regular pricing. 

What about Therapy and LENS treatments: 
Therapy and LENS sessions include the following:

  • A personalized, tailored Lens treatment at the start of each session
  • Therapy uses a variety of evidence-based therapeutic modalities and interventions to assist a client in processing various client issues and concerns. The therapist would use various modalities to assist the client with processing issues for the duration of the session. 
  • Please review the Rates page to review therapy session rates. 

My Personal Story with LENS Neurofeedback:


I’m Victoria Valdez, a Licensed Marriage and Therapist in Brentwood, Tennessee. I’m the founder and owner of Victoria Valdez Child & Family Counseling Services. 

I first learned about LENS Neurofeedback in 2019 from a ‘ lunch and learn’ from a local LENS Neurofeedback provider. I was intrigued by the concept and wanted to see if this form of Neurofeedback could help an adult family member of mine who had experienced a Traumatic Brain injury as a child.

After my family member received 8 LENS treatments, he felt so much better he begged me to add this service to my practice. At the time, I wasn’t in a place to add this service, and I was not 100% sold on whether it was effective. I was still on the fence and wanted to try it for myself and my family.  Summer of 2022, my self, my husband and my two children received LENS treatment. We are a family with ADHD, as I like to say, and I was shocked and overjoyed with the results. I wanted to receive LENS to treat my ADHD and was more than pleased with the results. I experienced increased motivation, focus, and energy. I could finally be productive!  I was pleasantly surprised with other areas of my life that started to improve that I had not initially seen as a problem. I have always been an athlete and a great Latin dancer, but learning new dance steps or sports plays was always difficult. I felt as if it took me 2 or 3 times the effort to learn a new technique. I was overjoyed when I started my Zumba classes again and had such ease following along and learning new steps. I knew it was a direct result of LENS. I even started to work through childhood trauma and found it easier to work with my own therapist in conjunction with brainspotting. 

My Children:

My 9-year-old was struggling with confidence issues and focusing. After 2 treatments, I saw increased confidence and focus. My teen was struggling with focus, motivation, anxiety, and depression, and after as little as 4 LENS treatments, he was his old outgoing, talkative self. After two treatments, my husband improved his mood and was able to regulate his emotions more efficiently and be much more patient with our children. 

Once school started, scheduling treatment sessions became a challenge, but at this point, I was more than convinced; I was sold. I knew I needed to be able to provide this service for my family and as many people as possible. I wanted people to be able to experience the same transformation my family and I had experienced.  LENS has changed my life and my family's life. I am excited that here at Victoria Valdez Child & Family Counseling Services, we are able to provide all individuals with affordable LENS Neurofeedback. 

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