COVID 19 Advisory

May 18, 2020
Re: Updated Practice Policies regarding COVID-19

I am mindful of concerns regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus and wanted to write to you to
address any questions you may have. As a practitioner in a healthcare setting, I would like to
reassure you that I am committed to the health and safety of all clients. Thus, I have opted for the
following to provide safe in-person counseling services until further notice:
Effective May 29th, 2020

● I will provide in-office services for youth 12 and older & adults only
● I will continue to provide Telehealth video services for 11 and under
● I will be in two days a week until further notice: Monday, Thursday & Friday Only
● Clients and I will be expected to use a mask during face to face sessions
● Clients and I will be expected to use hand sanitizer at the start of sessions
● An in-office session will not begin (and will be canceled) if a client does have a mask (at
the time of session) and or refuses to use a mask or hand sanitizer.
● Masks will be available for purchase in office in the even anyone forgets their mask
● All clients interested in face to face in office sessions must review and sign a detailed
COVID-19 Informed Consent Agreement.

I will continue to using (and or Meetings) to offer secure
HIPAA compliant video therapy. If you are interested in video sessions please contact me by
email, phone call, or text message. I will also send you an Informed Consent for Telemental
Health Services that will be required to be signed and returned electronically before the start of
the video session.

In-Office Sessions:
I will also send a COVID-19 Informed Consent Agreement for in-office services is required to
be signed and returned either electronically or returned at the first session.

The following cancellation policy applies:
You can rearrange or cancel appointments up to 24 hours without incurring any fee before the
appointment time. If you are unable to give 24 hours’ notice or you miss the session without
giving notice, payment will be retained except in the case of unpredictable and serious personal
emergencies (which I will decide at my discretion). I will always try to offer another
appointment if you have to cancel at short notice, but if we are unable to find another mutually
convenient time in the same week, the full fee will be payable/a cancellation fee ½ of the normal
rate will be payable.

Payment Policy:
Payment will be due at the time of sessions. I will continue to accept payments through Venmo
and Square. I will process payment at the start of the session.
Further Resources:
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

A final word…
I am here to support you and will always be flexible wherever possible. I would like to reassure
you that whatever your reaction, you will have space to express in our appointments together if
you would like to. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact me
or discuss it in our next session.

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