Consultation Call

Thank you for considering Victoria Valdez Child and Family Counseling services!

The consultation call allows you to briefly explain your reason for seeking counseling services and ask any questions. During this time, I will assess whether my training and counseling experience is suitable for your counseling needs. During this consultation, we will schedule future appointments. This consultation time allows me to provide you with a referral if you find that my training is not suitable for your needs. This call can be done by video or phone call.

Before booking a consultation, please take time to read the following information before booking your 15 minute consultation call with Victoria.

Who Services are for:

  • Therapy services are for children, teens, families and women who live in the state of Tennessee. 

Fee’s for Services:

  • $250 for 45 minutes (individual sessions)
  • $500 for 90 minute parent intake for children and teens in therapy 
  • $500  adult intake 90 minutes 
  • $335 for 60 minutes Family Sessions (more than two people) / or 60 minute session by request
  • $417 for 90 minutes Family Sessions (more than two people)

Treatment Duration:

  • Services are a weekly commitment (until treatment success determines less services are needed and transitioning to bi weekly, followed by once a month)

Consistency Policy:
Engaging in mental health services is an investment in your total well-being and is most effective and life-changing with consistency and commitment. Your therapeutic hour is held exclusively for you, your family, and or your child. To maintain therapeutic consistency, sessions can be rescheduled per this office's same-week reschedule policy. 

If you are in need of a referral, we are happy to connect you with a therapist based on your need. 

I look forward to speaking to you!

In order to schedule a consultation please:

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Note: This office is open Monday --Friday. Form inquires will be responded to during business hours only and within 48 hours.


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